We are dedicated to identifying, investing in and collaborating with entrepreneurs and management teams that have the vision, ambition and technology to build world-class companies and become global leaders in their markets. We are stage agnostic and invest in early and growth stage companies alike. Our ticket size is between €2 to €25 million over the lifetime of the investment.


We invest in technology because this is the sector in which we have direct experience and where our advisors and network can bring significant additional value to our portfolio companies. We are focused on providing active leadership in the development of technology and venture financing ecosystem in our countries of operation. For us to consider an investment, a company needs to have a majority of development/engineering function based in one of these countries.



  • An innovative, technology-based solution or business model;

  • A defensible competitive advantage;

  • A large addressable market;

  • The potential for fast growth;

  • An ambitious, motivated and committed management team;

  • The ability and desire to create value for shareholders; 

  • A significant proportion of operations based in our target geographies.